Oval Medallion

  • Manufactured from High-Grade surgical stainless steel
  • Oval medallion is approximately 4” x 3”. 
  • You can customize your medallion with an epitaph, name, or phrase (limit 32 characters) – and choose from 3 styles of FONT. 
  • Also choose a symbol such as occupation, religion, hobbies, animals, and more.  If you have a special font or symbol, or need additional customization, please contact our customer service toll-free at 866-386-0233, or contact our Live Support. 
  • Each TributeScan product comes with a build-it-yourself web site, 15 years of web hosting and URL management, with an option to upgrade to 25 thru 100 years.
Price: $349.00
Select a font for your medallion from these choices above.
If you choose to use a custom font, enter the name of the font in text field.

Custom fonts may carry an additional charge outside of the purchase price depending upon the font selected.
If this applies, we will contact you with details on additional cost prior to fulfilling your order.

Classic Phrases

For Parents/Couples




Custom (32 characters including space maximum)

Select a phrase for your medallion from these choices above.








Select a symbol for your medallion from these choices above.
QR Code Information
This product is imprinted with a QR code, please use the fields below to specify your preferences
Additional information needed for new QR codes.
Enter the first and last name of the person for whom you are creating this tribute.You can change this information and add much more when you edit the tribute.

By default, short urls are created using random numbers and letters. However, you can type in a custom url like "john-smith" to personalize your QR code even more. Enter a string and we will check availablity. Leave blank to use a generated code.

Limit of 12 characters, Allowed characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, dashes, underscores and Unicode.
SKU: TS-OV-0002

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