Every tribute created online at TributeScan™ is entrusted for safe-keeping by the Tribute Trust™, a not-for-profit organization established for the eternal preservation, maintenance, and guaranteed access to the TributeScan™ online tributes. Part of the proceeds from every TributeScan™ are contributed directly to the trust in an endowment fund to cover hosting, storage, staff, and retrieval costs in perpetuity. TributeScan™ guarantees that your internet tribute will be safe and secure by meticulously designing a fail proof system that has multiple redundancies to protect your loved ones memories. By doing this, it will guarantee that your loved ones tribute will be there for future generations to come.


Product Quality:

TributeScan™ and Stainless Reflections™ guarantee their product from workmanship defects and flaws. We also guarantee that the items that you receive will not rust, patina or deteriorate over time. All products are made out of a 316 grade surgical stainless steel or titanium. All quick response codes and RFID chips are guaranteed to work when you receive them and will last a lifetime as long as proper care is taken not to damage them.


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